Scituate Light

Welcome to a relatively new blog site. I made a shift over to a more versatile host that could let me do more than the former host could. I can experiment some and find new ways to share the stories. All the old posts are still here under the Current Posts link and under the Archive link. Those posts are also searchable. Put a term in the search bar and see what you get or search by month if you are chasing down a storm or an anniversary.

Additionally, there are now two photo galleries, one with historical images and others from our tenure here. There is also a link to a You Tube Channel.

Access to the most recent posts is found below and other links, including the web cams, from the menu above.

Most Recent Posts

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  1. Not a regular visitor, my old friend, but always enjoy the updates! Looking forward to keeping track of the wonderful developments at the historic Scituate Light via the new and improved Lightkeeper’s Blog!


      1. I hope so, too, my friend. Hoping to get up to Massachusetts this Fall and would love to check out the Light! Cindy says hello! Congratulations on this wonderful blog … makes me yearn for New England!


  2. Love this. Looking forward to future posts. So many cousin memories of The Beach and Of course Turner Rd.


  3. Hi Bob …I am writing to let you know that none of the cameras are streaming at the moment. They all are asking for username and password…which I enter, but it still no allowing access. Thanks for all the cameras…loving checking in every once in a while and seeing the ocean!


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