Starting out

Here we go.

Old Scituate Light stands at the mouth of Scituate Harbor and has since the fall of 1811.  The Keeper\’s cottage is an attached dwelling and in February of 2009 my wife, my daughter, and I will become the latest stewards of this property.  We feel extraordinarily lucky to have this opportunity.  

We follow in the footsteps of George and Ruth Downton.  The Downtons became the Lighthouse keepers 22 years years ago.  Mrs. Downton has carried on after her husband\’s passing and has made this transition absolutely seamless for us.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank her.

Each week we hope to add a post sharing what is going on here at Cedar Point.  We feel certain we will be meeting new people and hearing their stories.  We hope to be sharing photographs with you as well.  Keep coming back for the word from Old Scituate Light.

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