The Word I was Looking for was Scattershot

If a lack of a unifying theme has seemed the rule in this blog it is because I am living a scattered life of late.

First up, Betty Miesner had a request of me last week and I can\’t deny her. She was contacted by a friend who\’s sister has a blog concerning the labor organizers known as the Molly Maguires. I include the link here to that blog. This was a fascinating era in American life and the teacher in me could not resist it. Sometimes you have to go a bit off topic when a healthy curiosity grabs hold.

Moving on, gardens are on my mind in the rain today and I hope to have a new one to share soon. I had written on the work done Memorial Day weekend by the neighbors. Pictures of that work follow below. I got a most generous donation of 12 buckets of compost from Abby Fasanella of Booth Hill Road and created a base of a garden near the handicap parking spots. With luck I will get to some planting by Sunday.

Thanks go again to Bette Kincaid for sharing these photographs and to all the neighbors for pitching in that day. I have added some perennials to the mix and will get some more in place in this new addition to the reservation.

I have been asked a number of time this week about the Jug In the Chimney house right up the street. Some work was done on the chimney and the jug removed. I have it on solid authority that this is temporary. I got to hear a great story about the Jug the other night as I watered the flowers. A High School classmate of mine recounted walking the Point with a young nephew. She was holding him in place with a tall tale of pirates and treasure and the dangers of the rocks. Just as they were passing the Jug she was telling him of this feared pirate and how the Jug would blow when his ghost returned. The Jug blew and the little boy had an accident, started crying and bolted. She said she had never heard the Jug before and has never heard it since.

Last Sunday was the first Open House of the year and we got some ink out of it. Sue Scheible and Gary Higgins offered this article and these photographs on Monday. We are always grateful for the attention. The day went by very quickly with somewhere in the neighborhood of 125 guests coming through the house and more going through the Tower alone. Haley was on duty out there with Julie and Lee at the desk out front. I was very glad to look up to see my uncle and his wife come to visit. We want them to come back and stay a lot longer next time.

In the middle of the day an impromptu parade took place. These pictures tell their own story.

I remember vividly the day the Big Bad Bruins came to Scituate after winning the Cup in 1972. Loads of convertibles converged on Hatherly Country Club and there may not have been a bottle left up there when they got through. This parade was significantly more tame. Good on the real team and good on these fans. It is fun to have a Champion in your area code.

A final note: I am still looking for photographs of the variety store that once was in my current laundry room. Bernice Cushman is listed as the operator in 1926 and Cora Cobbett was granted the license in 1938. Where are these pictures of happy faces eating Plymouth Rock Ice Cream? Ask someone who you think might know and pass the news back this way will ya?

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