Shifting Views

With the winter behind us and Easter here, it was time to move the web cam facing north back to the Harbor side so we can watch the basin fill up with boats.  One lonely sailboat stayed on a mooring all winter long and soon it will have company. Check out the link above.

Full bore Spring in here. This week there was a beautiful sailboat, under sail making its way out and back in. The floats are in as of yesterday at Bulman\’s Marine and in Cole Parkway. Julie was remarking just how quickly bulbs and forsythia have bloomed.  I put in an hour or so yesterday morning and got half of the garden around the flagpole cleaned up.  With a little bit of Preen to knock down the weeds and some razzle dazzle with a few perennial cuttings, that garden will be ready for a dose of geraniums and marigolds in May.

My main goal today was to get the top of the Tower back in shape. A bird somehow made its way in and trashed the place with seeds and some sort of purple berry.  Our neighbor Gerry Houghton, DBA GBH Electric,  had had to go up there to replace the light this week.  Sometime on Tuesday night it blew out.  I was embarrassed that he had to work around all the guava so it was up top with screwdriver and vac to knock the place back into shape.  While there I decided to rework the cameras.

One of my targets was to see if the camera would pick up the newly operating windmill on the Driftway.  I had a shot where you could see it spinning but it was very faint.  That will be one of the new parameters for the next camera.  People checking in on the blog will have to be able to spin the camera to pick up the turbine. This is a picture I took from the road overlooking Peggotty Beach.

While people are still bundled up as they walk, the numbers are going up and soon the houses out here that get shut up for the winter will be opened up again.  This morning began with the annual daybreak service for Easter and the minister\’s voice floated in on the breeze to the bedroom.  I heard him say that the service would begin at 6:14 and my second thought was, \’It takes all kinds.\’ I will not share my first thought. I was telling someone yesterday that the when this event was held the first year we were here I awoke to a sound I could not place. The crunch on the rocks was like a million crackers being stomped on at once.

2 responses to “Shifting Views”

  1. Are you still looking into PTZ cameras? I have installed a couple over the years including the one at Sea Tow South Shore in Brant Rock as well as the Sea Tow Boston Harborcam. I'd be happy to help out or at least advise.


  2. Hi,I recently purchased a home on Marion Rd. just down the street from the lighthouse. We move in the end of the month. I was excited to see this site. But when I try the Jetty Cam and Harbor View, I get a message requesting a User/Password. Is there public access to the webcam views or is a user/pw needed? Thanks


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