Knocked Out

A power outage last week took out the cameras.  I have been pressed into service in a couple of out of town settings and did not check out what was working and broken until yesterday.  The router in the the middle of the whole network is broken and in transit to be replaced.  I will see if I can reset the cameras at some point. It could be Wednesday as school has first dibs on my time until then.

I have been able to get on all three cameras from school until today.  I am hearing that others are having problems and will do what I can to take the work out of the process.

A reminder:  The Scituate Historical Society will hold its annual sale on Saturday November 29, 2014 from Noon to 4:00 at the Maritme and Irish Mossing Museum. Author Ted Clarke will be signing his books. Swing by and pick up an offbeat gift for a history buff.

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