Adding Up

Storms have been in line for several weeks now with no end in sight.  We had one significant tidal event as well.  Snow is up to the sky and as I write there is a dune out in the parking lot I would have to dig through to get a car off the Point.

The big tide was January 26 into the morning of the 27th.  The tide was measured at 14.46 ft. We had never seen a higher one here in our six years. Some rocks were rolled into the yard from just beyond the fence but otherwise there was no damage to be found.  Once again thanks have to go out to RDA and their team who built the wall. It did all it was asked to do and then some.

One unexpected complication was that power was shut off by the Town in anticipation of not being able to service Cedar Point due to the tide. We were asked to evacuate and only ran the generator between tides as a result.  It got very cold once again and I feared losing pipes. You can see in one picture we resorted to sleeping in the kitchen as it was the warmest room that night.  In the end only one section down stairs split. Julie was here when it happened and shot into action; she shut off the water and laid on the towels. Tom Galligan and crew took care of the repairs within a few hours and even brought heat back into a room that had seen pipes split two years ago.  I had managed to nurse the generator and a short gas supply enough to keep everything else from freezing up. Many thanks to my neighbor who helped me get more gas, Don Jacobs, and to Don Ferreira, for a push when I was stuck in a drift coming back.

Here are some pictures of the aftermath of that storm.

This is far less debris than a tide of this height would have brought us before.  This could be driven through easily without any damage to a car.

We have had several other snow storms on top of the big tide and shoveling snow is one way to get in shape in a hurry.  I have been thinking a great deal about my predecessors here of long ago and as a result there will be no complaining.  When I think of John Prouty or Frank Cushman rowing across the harbor, melting snow for water, eating God knows what from a steaming pot in a fireplace, I just keep shoveling and shut up. My neighbors have had it much harder as these pictures will hint.

The snow is still falling and blowing around right now.  These are some of  cool things (pun intended) you can get when that happens.

I need to update the blog tomorrow with more information about the new cameras.  I have heard that people are frustrated by the images and think I can clear that up.  Here are a couple of shots that show what I can see with them.

What I like about the camera is the ability to double click and generate one of these images. (Double clicking again returns you to the four channel image)  I also love seeing the light turning at night.  I think you get the sense you are in the Light with these images which was my goal all along.

That said,  I am working on bringing the old cameras back into the mix.  One has been placed in the very small window that looks over harbor.  Another is at the platform level that we allow guests to visit.  The harbor view looks like this:

The platform will let you pan the four windows and even see the stairs. I can already consider families waving to Mom at home from this level of the Light.
Consider the cameras a work in progress but be thankful all the same.  I know I am thrilled to have the big one in place.  I was in Worcester this past Saturday and I was checking in on the storm\’s beginnings on my phone through the Hank Stahr Camera.

One response to “Adding Up”

  1. I am impressed; you are such a hearty New Englander! My dad (Hank) and your predecessor lighthouse ancestors surely would be proud. Thanks for all the photos and your dedication. I enjoyed the wintery views from the top of the lighthouse, even when all I could see were the frosted window panes. Good heavens, I hope the snow has begun to melt and you are more comfortable now. With appreciation for all you do. – Carol Stahr Savage


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