First Open House for 2018

Getting the place in shape is easier and easier as the years go by. Julie and I cleaned and hid and organized the old place into tour shape in no time this morning.

It is a very windy day and that will wreak some havoc on the guests. How do I know that? I got the weather station back on line this morning. As you can see on the left we are once again connected to Weather Underground. The station is not in the best of spots right now as we will be having some of the house sided and it will be reinstalled in at a higher elevation when that project is complete. There will be some moving around of the web cams then as well.

Thanks go out to Mark Flaherty for coming over and doing a terrific job painting all the trim and the new windows. The Cottage looks fantastic for his efforts.  Another piece of good news is that he found very little damage to trim boards for which we did not already have a plan.  He headed from here to the Bates House where he did another fabulous job.

The boardwalk remains in the yard as the beach is still too narrow in several spots to bear it. New benches have been installed along the parking lot by the Cedar Point Association and the Town of Scituate. Guests will have to enjoy those until we can get the beach back in shape. I have tried to do it a wheelbarrow at a time but the job is bigger than that effort.  Thanks go to Lorraine Devin especially for her efforts to replace the old benches and the old barrels with 21st century materials. She really carried that project and all of Cedar Point is grateful.

The fence still needs to be reset by the Tower. I haven\’t made much progress there. I did get the flag pole back up on the Tower though I won\’t be flying it today as it is just too windy right now. If the weather station was at a higher elevation it would surely be reading gusts to the 30\’s.

Next weekend will see the planting of the annuals. The perrenials are coming back strong. My efforts to pull sand and stone out of those beds paid off. I brought in some dirt and manure as well and that seems to help. I was gifted some sea grass as well that will hold up no matter the winter.

The banners are back up along the north side and it is a pleasure to see people stop and read them. I love it when people want to learn and a tool is available for them to do it.  That is what the tours are all about and it is almost time.

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