A great number of events to report on this week.

There are foxes in the neighborhood and Julie and I spent an hour watching them play in the yard across the way.  It was like an episode of Wild Kingdom.  Running and tackling each other, on each others backs and down into holes.  I am told foxes are all over town now but none are having the fun these had playing last Monday.  Enviromental regulation and financial shortfalls combine to handcuff the Town from policing them.  No one would have wanted to had they witnessed the show these four put on for Jules and I.

I had a group of third graders from the Jenkins School here on Wednesday.  What a blast!  The girls had wonderful questions and knew a great deal about their local and national history.  Haley helped out by telling the story of the legendary drum and by leading the girls up into the tower. The parents picking up the kids got to take a look as well, and there were popsicles ,which improve every event.  The highlight for me was speaking with a Mr. Murphy who remembered being on the Point on Thanksgiving 1956 when Etrusco came off the beach.  This could be apocryphal, but I don\’t think so.  This guy was the real deal and had no reason to snow me. Another one of the dads remembered being brought to the Point to see Etrusco when he was only four or five.  That is a story which goes on and on and on.

This weekend saw the neighborhood come together to clean up and plant all along the Lighthouse Park.  Organized by Betty Kincaid, The Point threw off winter and brought summer in with flowers of all makes and models.  The sore muscles the next day were worth it as each of the islands is rich in color and who likes weeds anyway.

The number of boats in the harbor has multiplied and there was quite an image here Saturday when a sudden thunder storm sent a long line of craft steaming back from fishing or cruising.  I was listening to the Red Sox on the radio when Fenway was bombarded by hail.  Twenty minutes later the parade began as the brief storm moved our way.  Tim Wakefield was pitching again as boats sought the harbor and the docks before we got hit.

Another exciting moment of the weekend was an engagement.  A young man from New Hampshire had contacted Town Hall and round about he got in touch with me in order to ask if he could propose to his girlfriend at the top of the Lighthouse.  As we do not want a parade inside the Tower, I pressed him a little but he was determined.  He and I had to act a bit when they arrived and we managed to fool Katie enough that she thought the old Lighthouse keeper was just being a good guy when he let them tour the Tower.  Ethan and Katie were engaged on Saturday at 2:00.  Julie took a number of terrific photos when they came down stairs and we have emailed those to them already.  Ethan also made a generous contribution to the Lighthouse maintenance fund.

Another one in the books.  Summer is about to begin and the stories will multiply.  The fun is only starting.

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