Colors (again)

Only a prism has as many colors as we are finding here.

I wrote on this before but had to return to it because of the photograph that accompanies this post. On Sunday night, at around 6:30, the sun came out below the clouds (thanks to my art teacher friend Michelle for that phrase) and we had a double rainbow over the ocean. A family was having a portrait taken on the rocks right in front of where I sit writing this and the photographer must have thought she had died and gone to heaven. People were scurrying around; a neighbor came to the door saying she wanted to tell us about it so that we did not miss it but did not have our phone number. It was not an everyday occurance and Jules got some terrific shots to share here.

The morning had begun with another kind of color show. A mob of small sportscars arrived at the Point for a visit. Haley and her friend Maddy got some shots that are loaded onto the slide show. It was like being witness to one of those gumball machines with the long chute gone mad. One color after another rolled in and then rolled off the Point. I was out working with a stone wall and looked up to see what could have been a giant video game image pulling into the parking lot, reds, yellows, blues, greens, whites, blacks, numbered and plain and each one meticulous. Most were convertibles too which only made it cooler.

The last color to share this time is found inside the house. We have been sorting through photographs, reframing some for display, putting others away. In the process I have found this photograph of my grandmother Delaney. It has to be from the teens or early twenties. Her hair is up like a Gibson Girl and she is wearing a shirtwaist as they were called at the time. The color would be described as sepia and yet so much more is there when I consider it. Her youth is a color. The ups an downs of life had not added in the wrinkles yet. She has a style that was long gone by the time I remember her; you can see it in cameo at her neck and the cut of her collar. Her eyes are the eyes of some of my cousins, big as buttons, seemingly brown, but they could be a dark, dark blue. It has been a pleasant exercise to reconsider it and see the line that follows down to Haley. It is in the jaw and the tilt of her head. She has the same colors.

2 responses to “Colors (again)”

  1. BobGreat writing. I really enjoy reading this. Nice reference to our grandmother. Hope to see you over the summerYour cousin Paula


  2. Bob, Julie & Haley,Great Pic`s & desciptition of the happenings at the lighthouse. I`d love to see the picture of Grandma.Making your new memories at the lighthouse & sharing them with all of us is getting me into the groove of writing again. Being the oldest of Grandma Delaney`s grandchildren was exciting in it`s own right. I hope Haley is enjoying her rainbow with the doves on it. See ya soon Cuz Sue


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