Visitors from the Big City

Photographs copyright of Joe Lippincott 2009.

Passers by sometimes stop a while.

We have had the chance in the last 10 days or so to meet a few people who have come to the lighthouse on a mission.

Joe Lippincott is a Professor of Journalism at Boston University and he was here on Sunday June 14th with his student Courtney Gardner. They came to use a large format camera to photograph the Light. Think of a modern version of an old time box camera. Jules got to put her head under the curtain and take a look. (There really is a curtain to duck under) The image is upside down through the view finder. Joe described Courtney as his best student in 20 years and he wanted her to have this unique opportunity. Courtney hails from Corvalis Oregon and now can claim her piece of the Atlantic coast.

On Monday June 15th Producer Amy Masters from the WCVB program Chronicle (long a favorite here when Scituate native Peter Mehegan hosted) came to town and the Lighthouse was her last stop. Anchor Anthony Everett made some introductory remarks on camera before making a run for it to do the evening news. Amy then toured the grounds, the walkway, the tower and the house for the show. She had also visited with Dave Ball, Tom Hall and Peter Whitfield prior to coming over the the Point. The show will be broadcast in July – date to follow – and will focus on the Maritime Museum, the Lawson Tower, and the Old Scituate Light. It was interesting to watch the crew work and to try to imagine how they will piece it all together.

We are gathering more and more stories as we go. The list people who we would never have otherwise met is growing. This is a very cool place to live in ways we would not have anticipated. Next week Bay State Parenting magazine is coming to do an interview. We love the vistors from the Big City.

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