Quick Hitter

Practicing for when I sign up for Twitter.

Bay State Parenting was here yesterday – wonderful guests in Carrie Wattu, her daughter Margot, and photographer Robea Patrowicz – great enthusiasm and warmth for the Cottage and the Light. Time went flying by while they were here. The issue will be out in August.

Later in the day a bus load of teachers from San Antonio Texas are led here by Fred Freitis, a Society trustee. Dave Ball did the honors, sharing the importance of the Light historically and introducing me for a few remarks. Haley was very excited to meet them all and she wrangled them all back on the bus when the time came to go. Julie took the group photo that we are sharing. The only downside was the gloomy weather of the past week hung on. They did not seem to mind. A lot made a bee line for the Big Jetty – the pull of the ocean was remarkable. Would that they could have stayed longer but it was a quick hitter before they made their way to the Maritime Museum and then dinner at the Mill Wharf.

Australians are coming next week – come on back.

One response to “Quick Hitter”

  1. The Scituate Historical Society is hastily checkingit's files for the 2nd runner up for the 2008 Scituate Lighthouse keeper.


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