The Triple Threat and Plan B

Lots of adventure between 3:30 and 5:00 today.

Wedding hysteria at the Lighthouse today as three (count em) three wedding parties arrived at once; two determined to hold the ceremony while the other sought to have an amazing array of photographs taken.  There were no blows, but there were tears from one bride as the queque was created.  

The Green dresses took the pole position and got some amazing photographs on the jetty.  We have not seen a photographer array the party as this one did – they were spread out on the jetty, the bridesmaids in a light green while three adorable flower girls stood out in white.   The photographer had a ladder as well which was a new twist but probably guaranteed him an angle on the whole crew.

The Orange dresses took up the second position and they held the ceremony on the rocks out in front of the Light. This bride rallied from her initial disappointment to light up out there, surrounded by her friends and family.  

The last crew was led by the Barefoot Bride.  They waited the longest and considered holding their ceremony out by the information board.  I had Jules move her car so they had a clear shot at the Tower for their photos but they figured out they would have the Orange crew in the shots and decided to wait.  Once their turn came they got right to it and lingered for a time afterward. They probably got the best light for their patience.  

I have to admit I do wonder at their bravery.  Last Saturday a couple got married out by the information board after attempting to place an arbor on the beach in 2o mile an hour gusts. How you could plan for a wedding on the beach with the weather as a variable is beyond me. There has to be a plan B I don\’t know about for these couples to take such a chance.

A year from now the Triple Threat will be an embellished story; ten years from now the story will include a fistfight; ten years after that no one will have looked at the pictures for nineteen years.  I hope to still be here telling new stories and wondering if there is a Plan B.

2 responses to “The Triple Threat and Plan B”

  1. Glad to have you caring for Old Scituate Light, and writing this blog.Thought you might enjoy this article, and the links within, if you haven't seen it already: luck with Heritage Days!-Art Beecher


  2. Thanks for the kind words – I hope anyone reading can tell I am having a blast out here.


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