An Unexpected Question, A Thank You, and an Oregon followup

\”Which of us is responsible for dead animals in the yard?\”

Anyone ever ask you that one?  Julie laid it on me today around 1:30 when she noticed the headless squirrel just inside the gate that leads to the beach. My initial response was, \” If you killed it, then you have to get rid of it.\”  I was met with a light blue remark for that witticism.

The Cedar Point Foxes (not to be confused with the group of women who are surely planning to use that name on a float in this year\’s Labor Day Parade) had left us this delightful gift.  We know they are here.  Sandy paws mark the lengths of our cars.  One of Haley\’s sneakers was carried off from the back step.  While there was an inital curiosity to them and their fearlessness led to surprising scenes, I am taking the position that their charms have become elusive.  Time to go.

Changing gears, we have had the great priviledge this summer of getting to know a group of students and their teacher.  Brian Halowack, Melanie Siebert, and Andrie Grandmont have spent their mornings cleaning up around Lighthouse Park and painting around the Lighthouse grounds. Julie has enjoyed their company enormously.  Our thanks as well to their teacher, Margaret Jenkins, who has been here in past summers and ran the show again. We hope to see you next year.

Several posts ago I had promised that I would add in some more images from Haley\’s trip. Here are two to cool you down as the humidity rises around here.  One from the wonder that is the Multnomah Falls and the other from Mount Hood. Yes, that is Haley up to the knee in snow.

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