The Dam Burst

I got a little giddy okay.

A year ago Julie and I were invited to visit the Lighthouse and to meet Ruth as part of the interview process for the new Lightkeeper.  I had been through the regular tour and had seen all of the cottage but for the rooms upstairs.  Our visit happened to coincide with the annual youth regata held by the Scituate Yacht Club.  

I made my way up the stairs; rope bannister to a landing and a room we knew we would use as Haley\’s bedroom if we were chosen, two windows that overlook the harbor and the parking lot, through one of two doors into an equally large room with closets the length of the far side. The chimney runs through the dead center of the house and these two rooms.  Ruth and Julie were chatting while I measured with my eyes.  Would the bed fit up those stairs?  Would we need a split box spring?  (The answer was yes.)  Could we use the nooks and crannies and closets to our advantage?  Then I moved to the window.

What I saw is what you will see in the picture below. All I could think was that this was going to be the view each morning. All I could think was that from one window you look all the way to Ireland and from the other, Spain. I was trying to be cool and collected. The dam burst though and Ruth called me on it. \”Look at you,\”  she said, \”You can hardly hold it in you\’re so excited.\” There was a rush of adrenaline that had me flying.  I had it again this week when I considered how quick a year it has been and the fact that it is only the first leg of this regatta for us.  We have the wind now and we are sailing.

(Click on the slideshow and scroll through for an even better look)

One response to “The Dam Burst”

  1. My daughter, Jessica on her first visit to Scituate helped a new friend, Erin & others place luminaries for Heritage Days. Before returning home she asked if we could return to Scituate again next year. I could no get her to walk to the jetty ends, Duff


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