Hang Ten

And his name is Bill.

We get our first peak at a hurricane as what is left of the one time category four hurricane Bill comes a knocking tomorrow.  All day today the wind has picked up, blowing papers around each in room and knocking magnets off of the refrigerator. I am tuned into the Weatherbug site like it is my job to check the gusts.  The flagpole at the top of the Tower was whipping back and forth like it was in the hand of a jockey in second place.  Even after I took that flag down there was still a bend in it. In these lead winds it is a giant bendy straw.  I cannot wait until tomorrow though I hope it has cleared out by Sunday as we are hosting Lighthouse artist Donna Elias during our fourth Open House.  I also hope that the crowds will not be reckless in taunting the waves. Lets everyone use their heads out there.

8 responses to “Hang Ten”

  1. Dear Bobby:I just saw the article in the Ledger about you, your family and the lighthouse….It was fun to read about your adventures out there. You know how your mother loved that lighthouse and found great peace out there. I am sure that she is so happy to see you and your family living there. I loved to see her picture in your photos on the blog. I truly miss her…she was such a dear part of my life.Fondly, \”Cute as a Button\”


  2. Keep checking back for more stories and no doubt we are being smiled upon from time to time


  3. Hi Bob – I am following your blog and sharing your stories at work. We have decided to bring a group of 10 developmentally delayed adults to see the lighthouse Friday morning (8/28) so they can see and hear the stories for themselves. If you are out and about …. please come say hello !! Kim Ellsworth


  4. Kim-I hope to be around – school begins on Monday and I have some work to do over in Marshfield – perhaps I can get it done in the next day or two and be sure to be here – can you believe it was the summer of 1973 that we worked with kids at the old Jenkins school with these same issues you are still working with – what was the name of that Project?


  5. Summer Spectrum !!! Funny how we are both teachers now. \”My\” guys would love to meet you and hear a little history. We will be there around 10:15 ish. If you can swing it for a few minutes they would think they met a celebrity. Not many people live in a lighthouse. Do you remember jumping off the jetty back in 8th grade ? Hope nobody is foolish enough to do that now ! Good to hear back from you….. your blog is fantastic and brings lots of stories and memories to anyone reading it.


  6. I thought it had Spectrum in it – I was ready to call one of my sisters and ask – I will clear the deck and be sure to be here when you come by – we jumped off the jetty, Pirachi up in the Glades, the Cohasset Bridge – I will admit now that I did not like it all that much but what eighth grader wanted to back down in front of the crowd. The rapids in Cohasset I loved though – that was the fun part of the jump.


  7. That's great. I am so looking forward. They will be so excited. And as for Pirachi – what were we thinking…. if either of my boys even thought about it I would tie them down. See you Friday ! You're the best.


  8. Glad to read the blog as I am a Scituate native now in Florida. I check on weather bug each day.Nancy1950


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