A Messy Open House

Next Sunday is the date for fifth Open House of the year. Old Scituate Light will be open from 1:00 to 4:00 for tours of the cottage and the Tower.

This morning we had an Open House with a twist. As I gathered together recycling and trash for the Sunday morning dump run I left the runway door to the yard open and the runway door to the cottage open. A small white dog chased a gull into the yard and scooted by me into the runway. In a second the dog was in the cottage and I was wondering when exactly I was going to hear from the couple who had started out with this dog when they had left home. I found the dog in the utility room and began the cajoling to get it toward an open door. Fido zipped by me again and I discovered the pup in the living room on the small couch we have there. The next move was off the couch and back down the runway; I am following and closing doors as I go now to reign in the hound. The Tower stairs slowed the canine down and at last the curious guest was outside again where the owners began to call \”Lucy\” from outside the fence. I grabbed the collar at last as the pooch headed back to the runway door and walked \”Lucy\” over to the fence line.

I will leave the reader to guess the messy gift Lucy left me in the utility room.  I could go with pun after pun here but I won\’t. Provide your own in the comments.

One response to “A Messy Open House”

  1. … Fido's entrance does not sound that different than Charlie's (my son) when you graciously invited us into your home a few weeks back … except we didn't leave any gifts … Next time we'll have to bring our new puppy Fido which I'm sure Haily would enjoy…Bobby, it's been weeks since our visit and wanted to thank you very much for your kindness and graciousness to so opening share your home with us. Life has been wizzing by and have thought about visiting the blog every day since … our puppy arrived just a few days ago so your story was timely for me. Elizabeth and Charlie reference the light house frequently, you and your daughter left a lasting impression on my kids and I thank you for that.I imagine the light is working again and appreciated your lovely writing that left me pondering about a different time … now that I found the site, we will check in more often.Take good care,Deb Lynch (Mosgrove)


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