Ho Ho Ho

Flying Santa is a crowd pleaser.

The annual visit of Flying Santa to Cedar Point just wrapped up minutes ago. For eighty years now Flying Santa has visited Lightkeepers by plane and by helicopter. For more on the story visit Friends of Flying Santa.

A very grateful group met with the Jolly Old Elf and had photographs taken while sharing candy canes.

A funny comment overheard as kids climbed in and out of the aircraft: \”You can see Santa any day at the mall, but when do you get this close to a helicopter?\” Try this link to see the landing.

Thanks to the Scituate Highway Department, the Scituate Fire Department and Officers McLaughlin and Steverman of the Scituate Police Department. Thanks also to Linda Martin for the photograph of our family.

Photographs by Julie Gallagher.

3 responses to “Ho Ho Ho”

  1. Hello Gallagher Family,The best compliment a light keeper family receives is that they keep a good light. Well the Gallagher family certainly keeps a good light! It must have been a special thrill for you to officially great Flying Santa today as keepers for the first time. Your photos and video are great! Thanks!Dave Ball, Scituate Historical Society


  2. Hi Bob, Julie and Haley,Didn't make it down to Cedar Point on Saturday – remembered how cold I was last year! Next year I expect Haley to be co-piloting the helicopter!Betty Miessner


  3. We missed you Betty – The wind was up again – you can hear it in the video clip – once Santa arrived though everyone warmed right up – as for Haley – all she wanted was to pass out the candy canes.


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