A Wizard with the Blizzard

Why don\’t they give storms like these names?

We have a blizzard coming and the winds are the first phase. The bow on the wreath is nearly off (again) and the TV crews did a three second stand up on the rocks about 5 minutes ago before running for cover. Jules thought it was lightning ahead of the storm. The shovels and the rock salt have been dug out from storage and we are sitting back, crossing our fingers about holding on to the lights. We have plenty of blankets though, love our PB & J\’s, are sitting on 10 pounds of fudge made with my mother\’s recipe, so all things considered, we are set. These are the nights we have been waiting to see. There is magic in the air.

And it might make my wreath disappear.

2 responses to “A Wizard with the Blizzard”

  1. so, i was right , you do have my fudge!!! enjoy and hunker down and let the snow keep you warm,love c


  2. I will get the fudge in the mail – I needed to practice some before I could let it out into the world. The Ace was right about this stove – fudge calls for gas and I am working the electric.


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