A Different Day

Yesterday saw our swimmers arrive – high sun and a quick dip and they were on their way. Today brings a different set of circumstances.

Rubble and flood in the parking lot. A massive log that has sat for months where the jetties come together dancing all over the beach landing as the tide turns some 35 to 40 yards from where it sat a mere half hour before high tide. As before the pictures can tell the story.

I will try to put together an image that shows how far this log has moved. It is a massive trunk that five people together could not have moved a foot. All summer long people have posed for pictures on it and used it as a bench for picnics. At 11:45 it was solidly in place as it has been through each of the earlier storms we have had here.At 12:10 it had moved twenty yards and even as the tide began to turn and settle back it kept tossing this massive piece of wood like it was a Lincoln log. It was amazing to watch. It certainly is a different day.

4 responses to “A Different Day”

  1. Is that Dave's pickup in the flooded parking lot?Hope you're all ok…Betty Miessner


  2. Dave has more sense than that – he called to check in instead – All is well and we will see what tomorrow brings


  3. We just spent a week with Family for Christmas and walked to the lighthouse several times. It is so beautiful there. I am in the Navy, and love lighthouses, but none as much as yours. It is HOME! My son took some spectacular pictures during the snow on New Years Eve day. My favorite is now the background on my laptop!


  4. We love being here – in all kinds of weather – I am glad you checked in – Happy New Year to you and your family.


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