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A full year now – 52 posts

Out of school for the February break marked the end of year 1 here at Old Scituate Light. 365 days ago Monday, I woke up to an amazing sunrise and the beginning of a hands on class called Light Keeper 101. Anyone who has followed along week to week knows I have had a blast and filled up the notebook as the course has progressed. I have learned so much and what this year has done for Haley can barely be described.

There is a list of names in the kitchen. It is each and every guest Haley has had here over the year. Most of them \”Rock.\” Some are \”Awesome.\” To watch her share this place with her friends, and with my guests, has been a dream come true. She has become a bit jaded with a crowd around, but not at when an individual needs an answer. She has got the history down. She knocked me out with a direct quotation from one of the panels in the runway this week.

The main project for the break was to remake the bathroom. It was the only room left untouched a year ago and I had grown to hate it. The sink was in an awkward place and left me standing in the kitchen to shave. The lights bugged me too. Step by step, I disassembled it, and with help I will have it in a shape that will last a good long while. The new color is the title of this post – kinds sounds like someone who might get paid to show up at a bachelor party doesn\’t it?

Pictures will follow when the job is complete.

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  1. Hi Bob and Family,Congratualtions on your first year as keepers of Scituate Light. You have all done an awesome job. This blog is a great way to connect with Scituate Light.Dave Ball


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