The Keeper\’s Cottage was rocking last night.

Gusts of 60 miles per hour shook this old place last night for nearly two hours. I was settled in to watch the second half of the Celtics game when I noticed the back and forth and up and down you might associate with being on board ship. I checked with Haley and she had noticed the same. Heading downstairs to be sure everything was tight I found Julie looking outside to the parking lot. The wind was pushing the waves out in straight lines as they hit the ocean side seawall like a horizontal rain. The parking lot was filling up fast and there was already a hint of the rocks I would find this morning. My rehung blue and white sign had busted free of the yardarm on the side lawn as well.

This morning I gathered the sign and checked out the road and decided that the wrong way up Lighthouse was the better way to go. In the year we have been here I have never had to do that before. Returning this afternoon I found the walkway up and around the Lighthouse more full of rocks than ever. I scooped out what I could but will have to enlist the Town for a small mover to get the rest. These are not the small beach stones I can shovel, but rather are the makings of a serious wall. These stones are heavy and were moved in the morning tide; the first of several 11 foot tides we will see this week.

The wind has died down considerably from last night so I don\’t expect any big problems with the tide tonight. Tomorrow morning though there is another flood tide due and there are already advisories posted. Its a new year here and there are new lessons. One I could do without: the queasy feeling of sea sickness while laying in my own bed.

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