Not what I wanted to come home to today.

High tide today took a bad situation and made it worse. Many more rocks were deposited up against the outer runway wall and the building is wetter than at any time in the year we have been here. The entire floor of the shed is soaked and most of the runway floor is too. Haley and I had gone out yesterday to move some of the stone away from the building. I thought we had made a good dent in it and would be able to come back to it and whittle away some more. Mine was a misguided optimism. The pressure of the stones at the point where the runway meets the Tower must be immense.

The Tower is completely wrapped in beach stones to a height of two feet in most places and higher in some. Of greatest concern to me is the appearance that one of the granite blocks which creates the shield for the Tower has shifted down into the sand. Four hours after high tide the parking lot remains impassable and that water has reached a greater level than in my experience. The pictures below highlight the areas of concern.

The large piece of granite in the center of the first photo seems to have shifted back toward the beach, exposing the Tower to more stone and water. The stones that are jammed against the bulkhead door were not there yesterday at all – it was possible to walk from the point where the Bates family plaque is set to a point two feet beyond the bulkhead door without a misstep.

Postscript: I have just finished shoring up the beams in the runway with planks to protect against a cave in. Could it happen? I don\’t know. I just needed to do it in order to sleep tonight.

4 responses to “Eeeekkk!”

  1. This is a bad situation.


  2. The only thing to do is get a Harbour House pizza and hunker down


  3. I was in Cohasset today and drove to my favorite lighthouse (Scituate Light). The rock against the building is going to cause problems. the same is true for the lighthouse tower. Will the town remove the rock soon?


  4. As I just noted in a new post – it is not clear who is going to step up and help. I will do what I can along the walls of the house but there is just too much in the runway for me to believe I can do it with heavy equipment.


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