Got One Now

The update today in a several pictures and a word of thanks.

This set of photographs shows what the walkway up to the Light normally looks like and what the tide and wind has done in just the past few days.

I have watched scores of people navigate these rocks since last Thursday, including a bride in the rain on Saturday, and with each tide my worry has grown. The walkway is impassable and the spot where I stood as a kid and looked out through an old school binocular is filled to the height of that binocular. I am worried that the runway to the Tower and the fence along the harbor side are going buckle under the pressure of the stone and took the step you see in the picture below – nailing in some planks at the footings in the runway to the Tower – so I could sleep last night and not be up to check the tide. I have already set aside some planks to cover a breech in the runway should it happen.

I met a couple today walking around the point who asked me when the Town would be coming by to help the clean up. I had to tell them I didn\’t think they were coming. The Better Half asked me who she had to call. I told her I didn\’t know and that I hoped someone would recognize that a penny of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

I am grateful to have had several of the Selectmen come out today and look over the deterioration of the breakwater and the over pouring of rock. One went so far as to investigate the broken storm drain and cured it at the cost of getting himself soaked. He asked not to be named and I won\’t, but this was service beyond the cause.

I honest to God did and will try to pull this rock away from the house, but I honest to God cannot clean up this runway. I did it in earlier storms only because I couldn\’t in good conscience sit at this desk and watch any one of the many seniors who enjoy this spot as my mom once did, turn an ankle or worse. The stone needs to be put back on the beach and the granite restored to a position it once was protecting the north edge of the Tower.

I am not worried about the Cottage or that we are in any danger staying here. I have had a couple of worried calls from people but that is not really the issue. I signed on to be the eyes and ears down here to avoid having problems develop. We got one now.

2 responses to “Got One Now”

  1. Bob,Thanks for the photo. I think that photo was taken from the helicopter as Flying Santa was getting ready to land in the parking lot probably last December. It clearly shows how the side walk to and around the light tower is suppose to be. Who should people call to get this fixed?


  2. The Selectmen know and some have come down to check the situation out for themselves – The Town Administrator may not know – maybe she should get the call. Thanks for your interest and concern.


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