Tidying Up

A quick update on the rocks and a victory for the forces of good.

Last Sunday morning I went out to the yard and cleaned up as best I could. I attended to walkway until I reached a point where I thought it best to stop. I also cleaned up the small plot that is home to the memorial plinth for George Downton. The discovery of the day was the plumbing for a former water fountain, tucked in among the sea roses. The tide and winds have been a blessing this week and no great tide is expected before the 26th. I will be working on pulling the rocks away from the runway this weekend as a few of the floor boards have noticeable rot from the manner in which the stone sits against the building not allowing the moisture to wick away. The photos are below.



The victory involves a little story. A few weeks ago I noticed that the line that runs up to the flag pole on the Tower had broken and that the cut was about a foot from the top of the pole. Asking if this had happened in the past, I was told that in fact it had, and that the fire department came out with a ladder truck to fix the line. That image gave me the willies. I hated the idea of a fireman out over the rocks on a ladder with a wind coming up because I had had this line break on me. I decided I had to develop an alternative plan.

Last Sunday it came to me. I would take a length of pipe and tape a hook to it. I would push that length of pipe up along the flag pole until I reached the foot of rope and I would snag it. With the wind down around 4:30 last Sunday I took to the job and got it on the first try. I pulled down the line and tied it off to a metal band rigged to the pole near the railing. I was extremely proud of myself until Tuesday when I noted that the line and metal band were now, once again, a foot from the top of the pole. UUUUUGGGGHHHHH!

Today I fixed it with able help from Haley. The photos aren\’t the best as we had the weather working against us, but it is fixed without the fire department hanging out there over those rocks. I am very pleased. Three more pictures below.

A sweet victory for the forces of good. Very sweet.

2 responses to “Tidying Up”

  1. It is so nice to see how much you care for the grounds. I'm amazed at the improvement in the walkway based on your previous pictures. You have made it accessible again for people like me! Great job with the line on the flagpole. As a Navy guy, I always love to see people take pride in such things. Keep up the great work!


  2. I'm trying Patrick and I too like to set that example. Haley needs to see it, my students need to see it. They also see how much I enjoy it. It looks like I might be getting some help soon to take care of the rest. Cross your fingers.


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