Bikers from Boston

Fun weekend on Cedar Point.

Great weather brought out a ton of people and I got to chat to a great number of them. There was an affable couple from Worcester who told me that they saw the Light on Channel Four all the time in bad weather and decided to take a ride down to see for themselves. There were families asking for Haley and wondering about when the rocks were going to be removed. There was one very nice guy who wanted to help move them and asked for a bucket. He is one of the many who come out here two or three times a week with his wife and kids. He told me he had amazing photographs of the Mount Rushmore Flag being flown in the parking lot that he took from offshore that incredible day. He didn\’t look old enough to have been in high school when that happened but he claims he has the pictures. We had another proposal here too. A young man with the initials JFK stepped up to the fence and called me over to ask if he could go up and propose to his girlfriend Chelsea. All went well and Julie got photos to email to them. My brother in law was here just then and both he and Julie remarked how Chelsea was blushing all through her face and neck.

These two pictures are from today. Christopher Annear from Boston University had made the ride down with his group from Boston to enjoy the wind and the salt and the views. I was correcting when I noticed them lounging by the wall and I called to Julie to grab the first shot. She went out; met them and swapped stories. A few minutes later this became a different story when en mass they began to shovel stone over the wall and onto the beach. I went running this time, got Julie to count to three, and hit the shutter. We are now celebrating with the stones here on Cedar Point. Thanks to all!

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  1. Hi Bob and Julie,You two really rock! Maybe too much 😉 We had a wonderful time meeting you and doing our little bit de-rocking the pathway to your sublime lighthouse. Thanks for the photos and the blog!All the best,Team Flying Monkey


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