Catching Up

Dribs and Drabs to share from Cedar Point.

Several groups have visited the Lighthouse since the last post.

A group of teachers working on Professional Development Points came by on a Sunday afternoon and took a brief tour of the grounds and the Tower led by local historian John Galluzo. They seemed to get a big kick out of the Jug in the Chimney house.

Third graders from Cushing School came by on a Monday morning and got all the stories from Julie and Dave Ball. The question of the day to Julie was, \”How much did it cost to buy the Lighthouse?\”

Maddy and Shannon had eleven questions each when they visited preparing to recreate the Rebecca and Abigail Bates story for their classmates at Cushing. I had a blast with both and hope that I get to see a video of their recreation some day soon.

Julie met a couple named Gail and John when she was shipping something out from the UPS store and as it turned out Gail has a job as a guide at the Yaquina Light on the Oregon Coast. They set up a visit and no 90 minutes has ever passed as fast. Haley had visited that light last year when she went to Oregon and we got to swap notes on the coasts.

My colleague Chris Galvin and his intended Kim arrived one afternoon and we loved having them in to drink in the ambiance and the history.

I am still waiting for a chance to paint the bottom levels of granite damaged by all the stone over the winter. It is has been very windy though and that won\’t do. One of these days I will beat mother nature back and get it done.

The gardens are prospering though one plant set by the mail box is being eaten by an unknown creature perhaps nesting under the utility room. I had to move the Hosta and the Seedum I replaced it with looks like it is being nibbled too. This week the Cedar Point Association does its annual clean up and planting. I just finished opening up a new garden next to the memorial stone for Mr. Downton. I am hoping to put in a beach rock path so that people can approach the sign with the Army of Two story and pose by it.

The Lighthouse cruise is less than a month away and the first open house follows the next day, June 27, 2010 from 1:00 to 4:00. Donna Elias is returning to show her masterpieces and Maureen Upton will be here offering chances for the annual quilt drawing. Mark your calendars.

Our friend Jack Foley has sent me an photograph taken last summer that will be included in a story to appear in South Shore Living\’s August issue. I have rarely looked so good. Julie is insisting that Jack had to spend a good deal of time with PhotoShop to get this image. I can\’t wait to see the spread and have contributed a brief essay of my own to the article.

A student of mine named Amanda Merrill gave me a remarkable photograph of the Lighthouse Park from the air. Taken last July it shows off the Cottage and the Tower and the whole of the place beautifully. This weekend I hope to pin it into the message board. Come on by and check it out.

2 responses to “Catching Up”

  1. You continue to do a great job with the lighthouse and with this blog. I really love it. I'm disappointed that I will be at sea when my family visits home again in July. I'd love to send you a ballcap from my ship, the USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65). My wife Stacey would bring it by on one of her walks. Julie was the photographer at our wedding, and that beautiful lighthouse was the backdrop in our favorite photo! The ballcap is a token of my appreciation for all you do. Keep up the great work!


  2. Patrick -I would be flattered beyond words to get such a gift and meeting Stacey would be a pleasure. I hope it happens.


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