The first Open House of the year was last Sunday and we were as pleased as can be to once again have Donna Elias and her husband Les join us. Many people visited and enjoyed Donna\’s work and many will be hanging new pictures or receiving new pictures as gifts. We got a waste basket, a tooth brush holder and a shower curtain as our upgrade. For those of you who might have missed Donna and her work check out the link on the right side of the blog. We hope to have she and Les back next summer, hopefully for Heritage Days.

We had a great number of very young kids come through Sunday and it was a blast to interact with them and move them toward an appreciation of the historic. One of the points I try to make regularly when we have the tours is that with technology what it was it is something of a miracle that any of our old places have survived. Placing coals under a straw bed to stay warm at night is a risky business and that I am able to sit at this desk when night after night that was done here by all the different residents until relatively recently is pretty amazing.

I was also made a gift of a CD by the recording artist Greg Cherone – The Songs of Scituate – I did not get a chance to thank him properly but I was thrilled to get it. Greg has a song about our Army of Two and about the Old Oaken Bucket. All the profit from sales of these CDs goes the the Scituate Historical Society.

Let me use this space to thank my cousin Susan for stopping by and bringing her wonderful friend Eleanor. The tried and true Peter and Barbara Whitfield helped out and Peter put in overtime for which he will receive no pay. Maureen Upton took her post selling raffle tickets for her legendary quilt and helped us sell some T Shirts, books and postcards. They all have our most heartfelt thanks for making the day fly by and getting the stories told.

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