There have been 8 ships christened USS Enterprise.

I got a history lesson in the last few days as I prepared to write this post. I looked up the history of ships named Enterprise and found out about balloons and blimps and America\’s Cup winners. I read about the \”Old Gray Lady\” of World War Two fame, seemingly on the job at the most important moments of the Pacific War and victorious in those moments. On humanitarian missions and in battle, an Enterprise has served the citizens of America going back to the Revolutionary War. The name might prompt thoughts of a star ship or of the space shuttle but it was an old and honored name long before those references gained hold.

This research was prompted by a visit from the family of a sailor who comments regularly on this blog and is currently serving aboard the Enterprise out of Virginia. Patrick grew up in Cohasset, had the good sense to marry a Scituate girl, and in each note his appetite for the stories of this place has seemed to grow. I love that I can bring a glimpse of home to someone who clearly has it on his mind all the time. When Stacey, Ryan and Emily visited they brought me the hat you see pictured below. We loved having them and watching them drink the place in to share with Dad later. The hat will find a happy home here and I look forward to the day when Patrick and I can have our pictures taken wearing the matching lids. We loved having this family visit us and look forward to their return soon.

Anchors Aweigh, my boys, Anchors Aweigh.
Farewell to foreign shores, We sail at break of day, of day.
Through our last night on shore, Drink to the foam,
Until we meet once more. Here\’s wishing you a happy voyage home!

4 responses to “Gratefully”

  1. WOW! It is an honor to be mentioned in this forum – thanks for the kind words. I'm so glad that Stacey and the kids got to meet you. They were thrilled to have the insider view of what we have loved for decades now. You made their day! Stacey was particularly pleased when Julie remembered taking pictures of us dancing at our wedding to the truly classic \”Into The Mystic\” by Van Morrison. All around a great day for them. I wish I could have made it, but really am thankful to you and your family for being so hospitable. I'm headed to sea again, and will be enjoying this blog as always from there. Thanks again! Patrick




  3. I am testing this myself. I am eager that any one who takes the time to read can take the time to write


  4. Hi Bob,You are doing a great job with the blog and all the updates. It's good to know that someone in the navy is enjoying them too. For anyone that is away from Scituate, your weekly updates are a really good way to stay connected. Thanks!Dave Ball


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