Results and more

The people have spoken (or at least clicked.)

I added in the counter on Wednesday and as of this morning it is reading over 160 visits. If you take out the number of times I have checked in to see the progress, over 150 visits have been made to this blog in about 72 hours. I am astonished at the number.

The news this week includes some good and some bad.

The bad is that we have been invaded regularly by adults who are keen on ignoring the five different ways that the driveway and the yard are marked private. Each of them has been older than I am and I am going on 50. Each of these adults was born during FDR\’s first term. They remember radio as the chief form of popular entertainment. They rationed in the war years. James Michael Curley was either their nemesis or their protector. They rode around in automobiles with back seats that mirror the size of current living rooms. They did not burn anything in the Sixties. They were not at Woodstock. They have been around the block and around again several times. It is perplexing that people with such vast experience can not read the well marked signs that indicate the drive and the yard are private areas. I have been tactful in addressing them but it is a cause for wonder.

Part one of the good news is that we had another busy open house last Sunday with more than 200 guests in the Cottage and the Tower. The Whitfields and my sister Lee chipped in on a rainy day, working with Julie and Haley and our friends Kristen and Paul to bring people out of the cold and into the light and comfort of Old Scituate Light. By 3:30 I was losing my voice, but it was great fun. It is encouraging to see some people returning who had visited earlier in the year or even last year and to hear of their enthusiasm for the work we are doing here and the shape of the grounds. I also heard of the docents at other sites and of the work they are doing. I am told that The Mann House and the Cudworth House are worth a look.

Part two of the good news is that we have had several guests from the United States Coast Guard.

Haley made the acquaintance of a Guardsman this week and asked for the chance to show he and two lovely women accompanying him, the runway and the Tower. Their curiosity was fantastic and their gratitude apparent. It was yet another example of the opportunities she has here to make her world bigger.

A day later we were visited by an old friend who brought with him a member of the Coast Guard. They too were taken by the stories of shipwrecks, storms, and surviving, all described in the panels of the runway to the Light. We are glad to include as our guests those that serve us so well in the Coast Guard.

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