Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl…

We wind up summer with some rain and wind.

After one of the driest summers on record, with nearly every day an image of San Diego skies, we get a visit from Hurricane Earl tomorrow and Saturday.  The image above is from a thermometer we have in the kitchen. The highest temperature we saw there was 136 degrees but we did not take a picture. I think we got the Klondike bars out to cool off instead.

I have been asked all week about preparations for the storm and if we will evacuate. To the first I say that I have tucked a good number of things away that might blow and to the second, that I will go if I am told to go. We agreed to that moving in here. 

This summer had its share of fun and every day allowed us to take full advantage of living on the beach. Haley and her friends were prunes from their hours in the water. Tubes, boats, kayaks, floats, goggles, snorkles and many, many, many beach towels (why do girls need three towels each for each time they go into the water?) were the order of each day. We got very comfortable new lawn furniture that had me out in the sun late in afternoons to read. Julie saw her freckles multiply. We learned to despise the music coming from the Ice Cream truck, while continuing to love what you could buy from it. Woe is me though, as there was never any change left over from a trip down the driveway. The nights meant baseball and struggling through the Sox injury lists. (They never had a big league outfield, never) Society projects, preparing for the new school year, cooking on the grill, getting out after 8:00 to water filled in the rest.

Its a new season now and as usual the expectations are high. Meeting and working with new students, working through the policy debates in my government class and the timeless American debates in my US history class are the best things I do that I do without the girls. If the tide don\’t rise and the Good Lord\’s willing, I will get back to that on Tuesday. If we don\’t lose power I will report in later if something cool happens in the storm.

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