Who are you?

I have been looking over the data.

I installed a new counter the other night and signed up for a service that offers some raw data on who is looking in on The Word from Old Scituate Light. The results are fascinating for the geography of the readers alone.

New York City, Brooklyn, Maine, Florida, Connecticut, Australia, The Netherlands, Sweden, Providence, Quincy, Lowell, I am playing a guessing game trying to figure who is who and where is where. I had been told this summer of a teacher who took a position teaching to the children of our troops in Cuba and who had logged in to read the blog from Guantanamo Bay. I have written of Pat O\’Connor at sea on the Big \”E\” (keep those emails coming) and from Mrs. Tilden in Hawaii. However when I see a link to Lebanon and it might be the country and not New Hampshire, then I have to wonder and to call for comments. Chime in under the comment section and let me know where your interest lies.

Are you in the legions of Lighthouse buffs who get a kick out of my tales of wows and woes?
Are you part of the great Class of 78 who Googles old classmates to find out the dirt from today?
Are you in momentary exile from our coast and long for the smell of low tide and fried clams?
Lets wrap the map with readers of The word from Old Scituate Light.

9 responses to “Who are you?”

  1. Hi……I thought I had commented before ,but I dont see it….so I guess I forgot to send it after typing.I spent many youth years summer times on Lighthouse Road.many fond memories.My Sister still lives there……While I m currently living in the Philippines.I mis the place……….used to hide under the bed from the noise the Fire Trucks made in the Labor Day paradeWalter Albaugh


  2. Thank you Walter for chimining in from so far away and for following the news from Scituate. I am delighted that you took the time to write and hope you add your two sense in when a memory bubbles to the surface. I look forward to hearing from you again.


  3. Hi! I live in Westchester County, NY and my grandmother lived on 3rd Cliff while I was growing up, roughly 1978 on. It's my favorite place in the world and hope to live there someday! I subsribe to the Scituate Mariner, own a couple historical books, constantly check your town website, and of course keep up to date with the Lighthouse :)- Christine Vaughn


  4. Christine – Thanks for commenting – I am more than flattered to hear from you – Glad you enjoy the stories and pictures we post – your enthusiasm is great!


  5. Hello- I am a son-in-law of Dick Egan (we met on the lighthouse harbor cruise this summer, but with the number of people that you meet, I would be surprised if you can put the face with the name!). Scituate has been my summer destination for nearly 15 years now, and I find it fascinating to get a view of \”normal life\” in and around the lighthouse. It is safe to say that we have very little resembling it here in central Indiana! I enjoy \”catching up\” with you, and I think that you do all of your readers a tremendous service.Thank you!Ray Miller


  6. I live near D.C., and am delighted to keep up with things at the lighthouse. If only there was Odorama, so I could smell the salty air…


  7. Now that is more like it – people are going back and reading and then getting in touch – Do you want to smell low tide too or only the salt air?


  8. I saw an article about Lighthouses being put up for sale, and well, you know how the curious brain works.. I'm a Drawbridge operator who like you climbs spiral stairways and has ridden out some wicked storms 3 stories above the road and 6 stories over the water below. Upon seeing the article about buying a lighthouse, I became curious as to what it would be like, and ended up perusing your wonderful blog.


  9. Thanks for the kind words – I am glad you got so curious and that you feel it paid off for you. Come on back regularly and we will share storm stories as time goes on.


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