Two weeks ago the silence fell.

As I assessed the lighthouse and cottage last fall I put together a list of projects that I hoped could be addressed over time to better secure the buildings and to improve the quality of life here. There was work to be done in the bathroom and this past February that work was done to my immense satisfaction. Late in the summer that work was complemented by the replacement of the mixing valve in the shower.

Also on the list were things like a rotted board on one of the runway windows that my brother in law took care of for me in a snap. There was the painting of the message board and some green on a wall that gets little sun right in front of this window. Shingles on the front wall as you walk up the driveway, a door for the cabinet under the kitchen sink, the latter fixed, the former still to come.

The top items on my list have arrived however, and have been installed, and have brought with them a hush even in a gale that has arrived tonight. Storm windows have been put in place on every window on the cottage. Only four of the sixteen windows had them in place. The utility room had three wooden storms and the initial thought was to manufacture replicas to match. The cost proved to be prohibitive and a choice was made to mirror the modern storm window that was in place by the kitchen sink. I have taken two of the wooden storms and installed them over the windows in the runway to the Tower.

They are perfect and the quiet is profound. This a new experience and opening the door to the day is much more a surprise than before. You have to check the flag before deciding if you need a jacket or a sweatshirt. Our most humble thanks to Bob Snow and his crew and to the Trustees of the Historical Society for letting me cross this off the list. I had spent some time this summer opening up old, old, old windows to let the breezes waft through. I am every bit as glad to be able to easily close new windows to keep them out.

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