With Thanks to Martha Reeves

\”Calling out around the world, are you ready for a brand new beat…\”
I have argued over the years, (when the topic is music, it is a blast to toss out your favorite then step back) that the song that lyric comes from, Dancing in the Street by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, is the greatest of the great Motown Sound. It grabs you from the first lick and gets you on your feet while giving you a geography lesson at the same time. \”…Don\’t forget the Motor City…\” This blog is hoping to do the same.

Below is the chart for the current visitors to the blog over the last three months. 24 different countries, nearly 3000 visits by 1108 visitors. It is flat out amazing to me that this could be possible.

The idea for the blog came to me, as so many do, while driving. Haley was attending the terrific YWCA day camp in the Marshfield Hills and to get there you must take a left off of 3A after you cross the Michael Jason Kelley bridge, then wind along Summer Street for 2 plus miles. You have time to think on the way. We were soon to be interviewed for this position and I was anticipating what I might be asked and how I might respond. I was considering what I could tell the Historical Society I was going to bring to the table that might be unique among the field. Somewhere along that road the word blog rose like a trout and I thought why not.

Russia, Poland, Bangladesh, Armenia, Yemen, Yemen, it is beyond imagining at this point. I thought that maybe a cousin or two might dial in to show one of my aunts, or that my sister Christine in Oregon might want to see some of the pictures I knew we would put up, but I never, ever, dreamed that there would be an audience for this blog in countries where the language is posted on signs in Cyrillic or Arabic or Hindi.

Now I am getting greedy. I want Egypt, Israel, Japan, and Peru added to the list. I want South Africa, Madagascar, Austria, and Panama. I want this blog to be stickered like an old steamer trunk. I want The Word to be tattooed like lifer in the Queens Navy. Carmen San Diego will have nothing on us. She will look like a Emily Dickinson before we are done. The blog is going to wrap the world like the strings that wrap the core of a baseball; like the bandages that wrapped Tutankhamun; like the grooves wrapped the label on an old Motown LP.

Take a peek:
1. United States 2,812
2. Philippines 33
3. United Kingdom 19
4. Australia 7
5. Canada 7
6. Germany 5
7. France 4
8. Ireland 3
9. Netherlands 3
10. India 2
11. Portugal 2
12. Sweden 2
13. Singapore 1
14. Yemen 1
15. Russian Federation 1
16. Poland 1
17. Korea (South) 1
18. New Zealand 1
19. Greece 1
20. Spain 1
21. Bangladesh 1
22. Brazil 1
23. United Arab Emirates 1
24. Armenia 1

Total 2,911

Which one is the biggest surprise to you?

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