Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like …

Neighbors make a difference.

The Christmas Wreath flies on the Tower for a second night as I write. There is another on the West Wing lit by spotlight. Purchased from the great R&C Farm on Saturday, the wreaths were rigged and poised for installation yesterday morning.

I had done this alone last year. I had found myself awake on a relatively windless Sunday morning and decided I would not bother anyone with the task. I had no doubt that I could navigate my way through the hoisting to the top and the tying off of the lines once there. Up it went and then the trouble began. (I refer you to the blog posts of a year ago which line up along the right side this column)

This year I called. Dave, George and Jesse arrived, with Haley on camera duty. The pictures follow:

We even have a tree up in the house – before December! The Scituate Arts Association has asked us to participate in their annual house tour to be held this year on Sunday, December 12, 2010 from 1:00 to 4:00. Flying Santa will make his annual visit (weather permitting) here the day before on Saturday the 11th at around 1:00. Check out the Flying Santa link for more information on this amazing tradition. The Friends of Flying Santa

My deepest thanks for all the help.

Update on a prior post – Israel and Saudi Arabia can be added to the list of countries peeking in on this blog – may their holiday seasons be happy ones.

6 responses to “Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like …”

  1. Great pictures…I love the lighthouse and the rest of Scituate of course…….tina (swider) murphy


  2. Great to see, especially around the holidays, when we need a little bit of that spirit from home 🙂


  3. I am thrilled to have you commenting ladies – I get the biggest kick out of the idea that anyone is reading this.


  4. Lots of people are reading, so keep posting away! Thank you for keeping Scituate alive in our hearts and taking such good care of our Lighthouse.


  5. Hi Bob – The Lighthouse looks great! Santa will be pleased when he flies over this year. Keep the pictures coming. As Kim said, thank you keeping Scituate alive in our hearts. What wonderful place to have grown up! (well at least gotten taller in)


  6. Great pics taken by Haley. She has a great teacher in her mom! Looks beautiful!


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