Boxing Day Blizzard

The phone has been ringing all day with questions about the weather here.

Wind, wind, and more wind is the word of the day – to step out into the runway is to hear a rain as thick as crickets and a deep voiced howl of wind. We are staying put and will be looking out for the high tide at 3:00am.

As I write it is low tide and there is an inch or so of slush in the driveway. Checking the Weatherbug map I saw we are right on the line between rain and snow. Late last night I checked out our neighbor Mike Wankum with a report he had on line that predicted the snow would not add up to much. He said the ocean is warmer than the land just now and that would knock down any potential snow fall along the coast. \”Good Job, Mike\” I have thought more than once today.

A steady dose of football and frosted baked goods have carried us this far, with a movie or two and a card game thrown in for good measure. Haley had friends here until almost 7:00 with everyone getting home safely in between tides. Channel 7 news set up in front of the Tower around 5:30. While watching them get knocked around by the wind, I found I had to explain Shelby Scott to Haley. Shelby was the pioneer of the freezing cold news reporter. No one has ever filled those frosty boots as well for me.

Two days ago there was a small amount of rock thrown up on the ocean side walk way and around the Tower. I worked on the walk way as high tide was coming on. The buzz from that splash against the rocks was addictive. Everyone that came strolling up could feel it. My brother and my brother in law helped me move a few things in the yard and to clean up around the base of the Tower. Within in 10 minutes past the high tide things had settled right down. With this wind it will start sooner and stay longer.

So tune in tomorrow to find out what the overnight tide brings. Will it be more hockey pucks, more torn up dollars, more golf balls and lobster traps? It is the proverbial box of chocolates here on Cedar Point in bad weather. The Light is on though and we are under the blankets listening to a torrent blow around. I have been reminding the callers we signed up for it because we like it so much.

4 responses to “Boxing Day Blizzard”

  1. Awesome…we were wondering how things were at the lighthouse. Thanks for the update!


  2. How did you fare, Bob?


  3. I am putting together a new post with some shots of the action. The beach, the yard, and the shed we use for storage took the worst of it. The beach is changed a lot!! We were always safe and suffered only the inconveniences of losing power and water.


  4. Looking forward to the photos


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