Thanks Tom

Several neat photos to share today. A follow up post later in the week with more details about one of them. (Click on each for a better look)

Tom Greland is a colleague who teaches boat building and construction. He shared the first photograph taken amazingly with his cell phone.

I was intrigued by Tom\’s photo and downloaded a program that would let me fool around with panoramas myself. The bottom two images are the result of that experiment.

I have got a new toy to play with here and several ideas on how to use it best going forward. Expect new looks at the old place as we continue along 2011.

2 responses to “Thanks Tom”

  1. Thank you for starting, and keeping, this blog. I was excited when I first saw it, and have loved your posts ever since. Happy New Year to you and yours.


  2. Just discovered your visitors' map – awesome!


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