What a Neighborhood!

I have written before about the great people out here on the Point, tonight I owe them big.

On the way to a recognition ceremony for the sixth grade at Jenkins School, I got a flat tire on Rebecca Road. The spare was tough to get off the car; it had rusted to the undercarriage and I had to break it off. Up went the car, off came the flat. As I cranked to get the car up those last fractions of an inch, to put on the donut spare, the jack broke and down came the Old Pontica Montana.

Enter Bette Kincaid. I had borrowed a second jack from Dave Ball and was back to cranking up the car. Bette visits to check on me and gets my explanation. Before I had finished the story, she is offering me her car to get to Jenkins. (Julie had taken Haley over and I had said I would be right over. Then the jack broke.) I borrowed Bette\’s beautiful Volvo and made it in time for several speeches and the presentation of the certificates.

Back to the roadside I returned. Now Bette has drafted help. Brian has the best possible jack and he steps into the breach. The car goes up, the lug nuts get tightened. Bottom line, the car is in the driveway and I have amazing neighbors. I will do my part when the time allows.

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