Moving On

Two positive developments trump one dope.

The last post included the term \”web cam\” in the title. We got two.

Having developed a relationship with the Raytheon Corporation over the past two years, specifically with engineers Colin Pellagrino and Tom Doyle, I have been able to get their assistance in placing two web cams in the top of the Tower.  I am thrilled about this development as it is one I daydreamed about in the months prior to being selected Light Keeper here.  Just when they will be accessible is not clear but I am linking to a YouTube preview of what is in store.

Tower Web Cam 01

The second positive is that work began today on replacing the damaged storage shed.  The pictures below tell  that story.

Tomorrow the digging begins for the new foundation.  By the end of next week The Boxing Day Blizzard will finally be a distant memory. The contractors told me today that six bent nails were all that was holding the shed to the runway. We will do better this time around.

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