Several images to serve as a follow up from the last post. Remember that you can click on each image in all the posts to see a larger version. Clicking the back arrow on your browser will return you to the Blog.

Harbor at Sunrise

 This is a web cam shot taken at 6:00 am as the sun comes up and bathes the boats at the moorings in a soft coral light. The next is from the same camera at 8:30 at night. The bright glow on the right is the Yacht Club.

Below is a sign that the construction of the new shed nears its completion – I will take another when I fill it up.

Varieka Construction of West Bridgewater has done a terrific job this week.  The work they did with the excavation and return of materials after the foundation was set was tremendous.  And when that nail gun gets going, look out. They came with a plan and they have followed it to the letter, even as horseflies buzzed and visitors questioned. Comparing this shed to the last one is like comparing a loaded Lincoln to a two wheeled tricycle. These guys are bona fide Pros. Thanks Chuck. Thanks Pete. Thanks to the others who spent a day on site but whose names were never shared.

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  1. Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.


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