We Will Not Forget

A year ago I offered a brief video of a brilliant day here on the Point. Today I offer this sky.  
At the other blog I posted some remarks I was asked to give to the faculty and students of my high school.  Check them out for a lengthier treatment of some fundamental ideas.
We will not forget and our ability to marvel at the sky and laugh with our families and share this place in all the ways we do is more evidence that even when our hearts are broken we find a way to thrive in our day to day joys. No enemy can take that from us and each day we live so well we reveal those fiends as liars.

One response to “We Will Not Forget”

  1. While it is nearly a month after you spoke your powerful words, I’m certain they will always move those that choose to read them.Your students are quite fortunate, blessed, to have a man of such compassion and insight as you teaching, mentoring them. They might not express this directly to you, but know that it is indeed true. Each of us learns so much about life from a teacher such as you, and most of us don’t appreciate it for all that it is until that teacher is in our past. Think of that someone that taught you to appreciate proper grammar long ago. Think of that someone that taught you to appreciate keeping score at a baseball game with a stubby pencil long ago. It is good to smile when you think of them. I do.I know that people smile when they think of what you have taught them. Your words on the anniversary of 11 September 2001 are poignant, and should be shared. I intend to do so. As a Navy Veteran of 20 years that remains on Active Duty, I tell you that they put a lump in my throat, and I say that quite sincerely. I am so thankful and pleased that someone like you is teaching the next generation of Free Americans. Thank you so much for what you do.I wanted to respond to you specifically on several exceptional quotes in your speech. Yet, a wise mentor of mine taught me years ago that too much can be, well, too much. Accordingly, I will reflect on the one that moved me most. I believe that there truly are two wolves inside each of us. I believe that it does indeed matter which one you feed.I offer genuine and sincere thanks for your moving words, and I look forward to sharing them. Keep doing what you do, because you do it right.Commander Patrick J. O’ConnorUnited States Navy


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