New Perspective

Have you checked out the web cams lately.  I have made a move.

Taking the suggestion of a neighbor, I took the Harbor Cam and pointed it north.  The harbor has emptied out for the winter and the action in the upcoming season will come from the northeast the way it always does.
Just today there has been a significant spillover and the road is once again filled with seven or eight inches of rocks.  Fred Flintstone time again here on  Cedar Point.
The camera is set so that it is possible to watch the clean up that just began.  As I was typing I heard the sound of a front end loader begin its scrape across the roadway.  If you were clicked into the camera you could watch it live.
To give you one last look at the harbor I have put together a time elapse video that begins in April and ends in early November.  Watch the moorings fill up and empty out again by clicking this link.
I have done some research into a camera that could be controlled on line to pan and zoom.  I hope that just after the first of the year I can bring something like that on line.

I would love it if the word went out that checking in with these camera was the way to check out the waves. About a month ago now I saw five people knocked off the seawall by a rogue wave, all of them older than I am.  Drenched and embarrassed, but thankfully not hurt, they made their way back to their cars.  One woman may have voted for Truman in 48.  She should not have been where she was.  The cameras are a remedy for that.  I get queasy thinking about the day when someone does get hurt out there.

My father regularly described his academic success in these terms, \”I belonged to the half that made the top half possible.\”  Watching people watch the waves makes me think he would have a great deal of competition today.  The bottom half gets bigger with every storm.  Tell them about the cameras before someone, especially a kid brought here by a dense parent, finds him or herself in the water.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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  1. Love the Web Cams and check them each day.


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