You Pick!

Last week Google\’s Cambridge office contacted the Historical Society with a request for a photograph they could duplicate for a wall size poster.

I looked through what I had and I sent a shot on.  The response was a request for a wide angle, high definition image.  I set out to get one.

First I had to visit our neighbor Linda who had the wide angle lens I needed.  A trip to the top of the Tower though revealed that I had some work to do to make that lantern presentable.  Birds get in there from time to time and they leave their mark.

I started by disassembling the lantern.  I brought it down stairs where I gave it a scrubbing.  This set of images shows you the before and the often asked question about the size of the bulb. The next set you see is the lens apart and reassembled.

With the lantern back in place I turned my attention to the windows.  I have cleaned them all four or five times now and it was a perfect day to go outside for that chore.  The wind was down and the squeeqee/towel combination took the brine right off. The prize here was this great shot of First Cliff in the reflection.

Working up there also let me adjust the web cams and rework the wires.  I wrote about moving the cameras in the last post and you will want to check in there when a storm is on.  The look North is a great shot that includes the ocean and the drive off up Rebecca Road.

The three shots I sent to Google are below.  Let me know which you would choose in their shoes.

The final chore of the weekend was to meet my obligation to hang a Christmas wreath on the Tower and on the house.  I am pleased to say I was able to do it on my own this time and do it right the first time.  A photograph of the Tower with a wreath was described to me as an iconic Scituate image.  Come on down and get one for yourself.

Thanks to Ronny and Cindy Simon of R&C Farms for the beautifully assembled wreaths.  Consider them when you are shopping all year round.  Drop by the Little Red Schoolhouse too and check out the cards, books, and other items for the holidays.  Each purchase helps the Historical Society in its mission of education and historic preservation.  The Schoolhouse is open 10-4 Monday to Saturday.

3 responses to “You Pick!”

  1. Bob, I think the first photo does the trick. The sunset reflection in the light as well as at the end of the jetty. Picture perfect if you ask me. Keep those pictures coming. Nice cleaning job by the way. Luv ya, Cuz Sue ahearn


  2. Bob, I too like the first picture. Just beautiful! Makes me want to wake up to the view of the sunrise every morning.


  3. I like the 3d one because it captures the curve of the jetty, and it shows the light itself better (although not with as much of that mysterious light as I would like to see).Separately, you might be interested that the BMW Car Club of America, Boston Chapter, had a \”Fun Rally\” on the South Shore that went by the Scituate Light. An article just came out about it at , starting at p. 16. It includes some of my photos of the light.Lyle


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