Perfect Day for an Elf to Visit

A wonderful tradition was extended another year.

Flying Santa began visiting Lighthouses and Coast Guard stations in 1929.  We welcomed here to Cedar Point today around 2:30 this afternoon.  A great crowd was managed perfectly by the Scituate police and fire department and no one went home with out a smile.  Julie\’s photographs are below.  I  will be adding in some video taken from the ground and from the Tower later.  You will want to check back to see the sweep of the helicopter as it delivered Old Saint Nick to Old Scituate Light.

Santa arrived roaring out of the sun from the south and circled Lighthouse Park and the Light twice before swinging into place in the center of the parking lot.  He was met by Betty Kincaid and Dave Ball of the Cedar Point Association, and then Julie, Haley and I were feted with glorious gifts just as the keepers of the most remote Lights once were.  A bag filled with fruits and nuts and sweets to tide us over through the long winter ahead.  I can guarantee we will not fall prey to scurvy here!  I also received some amazing photographs and documents connected to the history of the Light.  That package was signed Ebenezer Osbourne though. He was last seen serving here in 1849.  I will need to figure out if I have a ghost story here after all.
Attending to Santa was Dolly Bicknell, the daughter of the New England icon Edward Rowe Snow. She shared some thank you notes that her father held onto, including one from Scituate Keeper Jamie Turner.  I was even more thrilled when she passed those on for me to scan for the Historical Society.  You see Dolly with Santa in the second to last photo above.
The kids were in awe of the helicopter as much as they were celebrating the visit of Father Christmas.  It was one elegant bird.  Below is a shot I got where you have the technology of today in the foreground and the technology of the past in the back.  There were more dials in there than you would see in a nuclear reactor.  Some kids were able to climb in for a minute or two and have a picture taken.  I doing that next year for sure.
Curiously we ended up with a zillion candy canes once again.  Either Haley has sticky fingers or Santa was even more generous than last year.  Stacked together you would have one very long barber pole.
Check back in a day or so when I get the video edited and see for yourself the rush that this event brought to Cedar Point once again.  Every day here is a gift and this one had many, many bows on it.

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