One Tide Down, Two to Go

Last nights tide left little if anything to pick up.  I got up a few times in the night for a look around and was thrilled to discover the wind just picking up around 4:00am and no debris in the road at all.

This morning the waves are long from the northeast.  Rollers that remind me of August after a storm when you would head to the beach and body surf until your shorts were full of gravel.  The undertow out there could take a buffalo out.  The rolling I heard last night is missing right now.  It could be masked by the wind or the tide is just shifting to come in and set up those pins again.

I am going to take a run up into the Tower in a little bit and I may adjust the web cam looking north to get a bit more of the road in the frame.

There are two fifty to sixty pound boulders that I am looking at as I type.  They are sitting on top the seawall directly parallel to the Tower.  I have been thinking that I should take a permanent marker to them and see if I can find them when this dance is danced. It would be interesting to me to see how far the sea takes them.

We are very grateful that power continues to be available.  It is cold enough here that the heat came on with the thermostat set quite low.  That I will cross my fingers on.  More after the noon tide if the power stays up.

One response to “One Tide Down, Two to Go”

  1. Good to hear from you! Stay safe and dry. Hope those pesky camera crews and rubberneckers don't give you too much trouble! 😉


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