Mixed Message

These are the quiet days here but for a wind that has turned the house into a bizarre harmonica for the past two days.  Windows thrum and the dryer vent twangs and the screen doors keep the time.  It is like listening to one of those street corner bands where the kids play old buckets and a washboard.  The blue and white sign was knocked down again and everything in the yard is tossing and turning like a tourist in a fleabag hotel. The harbor is as empty as it ever gets.

There have been people around all day though. This morning I saw a neighbor from my childhood walking with his wife.  The guy looked great – he hadn\’t aged a day. Lots of couples and trios with there cameras hunting down the right light and the right angle. There were also some brave souls who took it on themselves to channel the days of summer.


Pretty good work for the off season.  Their hands must have been freezing when they were finished.
Running that hot shower when they went home must have felt great.

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