Getting Popular

I am hearing from a great number of people about the oncoming storm and our plans.  Right now we will sit tight.  I have taken a few steps to shore up the most vulnerable spot we have and tomorrow I will see if I can tighten that up even more.  The only question I have is what to do with the car.  I will get that figured out and all will be well.  Quit worrying.  If the tide goes over 13 feet we will have a first and that is kind of exciting.

4 responses to “Getting Popular”

  1. be safe Bob and crew we will watch the news to saty up to date love j and c


  2. Thanks for the update Bob. Despite your request, I am still worried! Keep us posted. Love the sunrise picture. It did look like the keys! -Erin P.


  3. keep safe


  4. Hope you, Julie and Haley are safe and sound. Dick


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