Fixed Up

The past few weeks have seen the storm damage of February finally set aside.  M.J. Hallin arrived two weeks ago and repaired the ceiling brought down by broken heating pipes.  I got to work with brush and roller and we have the Cottage back to nearly where we want it.  While there is still some work to be done on the floors, a door, insulation in the cellar, shingles lost on the shed, and on the runway to the Tower, we can move again and find things again without the climbing and tripping that had become part of the routine.  I do still need to track down our plumber to bring heat back into that room but we have a new couch and a new layout to enjoy until it gets cold again. Here are some of the before and the after.

I get asked quite often for a look at the inside of the Cottage.  Rarely do we invite anyone in; it could become a parade in no time if we did.  Here are some shots of the interiors as of right now for the curious. Remember that you can click on any image on the blog to get a bigger picture.

I also had a chance over the vacation to work on the flower beds.  The perennials are bouncing back beautifully so far. The Lawson Rose out by the sign post saw a ton of new growth over the winter underneath a shabby towel.  I will add some photographs to the next post to show them off. The only item that remains to be worked on is the fence along side the Tower.  I have dug all the rocks out that I am able to swing myself but I can\’t get the fence posts back to true.  I will have to work on that along with getting the plumber back here.
We had a fantastic visit from a Bates relative a week or so ago. The Mom arranged to bring her daughter down from Maine to see the Lighthouse on the daughter\’s birthday.  They were wonderful guests and brought along Grandma and a middle school son.  We all wished Pearl the happiest of birthdays!  Just another perk of living here.
The web cams have been returned to shots looking out along the Jetty and back into the Harbor.  The links are at the top of the post.  Here is a shot from the Harbor Cam.
That is the look of spring in Scituate. In two weeks moorings and sailboats will be beginning to dot the page. In six weeks The Scituate Historical Society will be deep into its preparations for an on the water boat show.   You will want to check out the Society web page for more details at

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