Applause Please

The blog would like to begin with a thank you to the parents of the young person who revved his car engine from 12:45 to 1:15 am last night in the Lighthouse Park lot.  We would especially like to thank you for not seeking a husband or a wife outside of your own family.  After about two minutes I had figured out that the engine would make that noise when I pressed the pedal down – I was three at the time. It took the genius parked out side last night thirty minutes before he figured it out and by then I was awake.

The big news this weekend is that there is no news. The weekends that follow are full up with a Society sponsored Touch a Boat exhibition on July 6 and the first open house following on July 14.  For more information on the Touch a Boat opportunity, contact the Scituate Historical Society at 781-545-1083.

A project a long time in the making is coming to fruition.  Richard Wainwright\’s The Tale of the Scituate Lightkeeper\’s Daughter is arriving today.  A reception will be held on Wednesday July 17th and on Thursday July 18th at the Barker Tavern beginning at 6:30 each evening.

 Richard will speak on writing and particularly on this brilliantly produced book, full of amazing photographs (if I am allowed) of Cedar Point.  The title character is a kid I know.  You will want to join us at the Barker and take one of these books (or several) home with you. Call and get your reservations right now!

Field trip season is past us.  More than 300 third graders and their parent chaperons visited the Lighthouse in early June.  Their interest is an inspiration.  The day that I happened to be here I was equally impressed by how well behaved they all were.

Bids have been accepted to have the Cottage painted.  With luck the old place will get the make up touched up to hide some wrinkles once again.  Bids have also been accepted to rebuild the seawall in front of the Tower.  No word yet on when that project will get underway but this quarter wants as much done before August 15 and the hurricane season kick off.

The gardens are looking great and I will add some shots of them in a revision to this post later on today.

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