A Boring One (Because I am Saving Up for a Really Big One)

Simple announcements tonight as I am brewing up a blog to be remembered.  We had quite a week here at at the Light as the nation celebrated its birthday and the lame, the maimed, and the insane, arrived on the doorstep.  I will tease my readers with that description and hope that they return for the main course early next week.

The first Open House of the season is on Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00.  Barbara Whitfield will be collecting $2.00 from each adult and sending them onto me.  Peter Whitfield will man the Tower.  We will have a stack of The Tale of The Scituate Lightkeeper\’s Daughter on hand, though Haley will be at the Bates House helping Yvonne Twomey tell the story of that home and its remarkable women.  Please pass the word and come on by.

Also, on Monday July 15 at 7:00, there will be a free concert (donations more than welcome though) at the Lawson Tower.  A renowned carillonneur, Gerald Martindale, is traveling from Toronto to play the Tower Bells. The Tower will be open for tours prior to the concert.  The weather looks perfect for a night of music under in the gloaming.

2 responses to “A Boring One (Because I am Saving Up for a Really Big One)”

  1. yes, al…both worked. i was using firefox 22 browser running on puppy linux. interesting to do the full sweep on ptz2…gave me a good orientation to the village…all way from jetty around to north street view. nice! tell the lighthouse keeper that your georgia friends enjoy the cameras. ttul//j


  2. All sounds good Bob, wish I could be here to help out and just enjoy!I look forward to the Blog next week. Take care, Love C


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