Dry State

Despite excellent efforts from all concerned water remains unavailable at the taps in the Keeper\’s Cottage here at Scituate Light.  We have become expert on the bucket generated flush.

Wednesday an attempt was made to steam the ice from the frozen water line.  The steam reached 21 feet out into the yard, (near the rose bushes on the ocean side) where it got hung up on a water department shut off. 

Thursday saw the Water department run a temporary line from a neighbor\’s house.  We were more than grateful to get some dishes done and a hot shower. After roughly 90 minutes that line froze too.

We had filled up every available bucket prior to the freeze and got through Friday with a run to refill the buckets at the Little Red Schoolhouse. Today saw another refill at the GAR Hall. 

One picture to wrap up this tale of woe. This is the piece of ice in the hose that connected to the Cottage from the neighbors.  Temperatures are expected to remain quite low well into the coming week. We will refill our buckets and visit my sister\’s for showers.

One response to “Dry State”

  1. Bob I really hope you get H2O soon, as nice as Lee can be the thought of her making you shower in the cedar shower outside is troubling!!! I have vowed to only visit when the outdoor shower is available, because I love it! but I only visit in the summer! Hang in there!! love c


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